Epson R1800 Ink Jet Fly ink – additional comparisons

In a prior review, we analyzed InkJetFly’s (IJF) inks for the Epson R1800 on a typical glossy paper.  In this analysis, we report on some characteristics of the IJF inks (V3 pK, IS mK) on a variety of media including luster, matte, and fine art papers.

For all papers, the IJF inks were profiled using a spectrophotometer and commercially available software.  The information is summarized in the table below.


L* black IJF

IJF gamut (cubic color space units)

OEM gamut (cubic color space units)

Epson Premium Presentation Matte




Ilford Smooth Pearl




Premier Art Luster




Premier Art Smooth Hot Press Fine Art





For reference, Premier Art Luster is similar in some respects to Epson Luster.  It is a bright white paper with L*a*b values of 95.0, 1.2, -10.  In comparison, Ilford Smooth Pearl appears warmer and measures at L*a*b 96.3,-0.9,-5.3.  Premier Art Smooth Hot Press Fine Art is a lovely warm, matte cotton paper that is buffered and has no optical brightners.  It measures at L*a*b 92.2, -0.1, 2.9.

In all circumstances, the IJF ink outperformed OEM in gamut.  The V3 pk was nothing short of outstanding with L* values only seen previously with OEM inks.  For gamut comparisons see images below:

Epson Premier Presentation Matte

Epson Premier Presentation Matte

Ilford Smooth Pearl

Ilford Smooth Pearl

PremierArt Luster v. Epson Luster

PremierArt Luster v. Epson Luster


Of note: Profiles for some of these papers should be appearing soon on the IJF website.


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